About Us

As a Mitre team we are a bunch of outdoor loving, fun, creative and determined individuals. We share an addiction and love for seeing the positive outcomes of our work. 


At the heart of our family run business is a strong vision to offer employers and learners access to an outstanding portfolio of apprenticeship and training initiatives that will see them thrive and grow.

Our Story

Our Early Years

Our early years of trading began with us offering teamwork, leadership, management and communication courses. We then quickly progressed onto offering highly sought after spectator safety training courses and a small selection of apprenticeship training programmes.  

Our development and growth

Developing over the coming years our quality of offering on every level became pivotal; this resulted in our programmes and team beginning to gain a reputation as being one of the best in the business. 

Our combined efforts into going above and beyond for both employers and employees was quickly gaining traction and paying off.


Modernising and re-defining professional apprenticeships

We endeavoured to redefine and modernise the somewhat ‘old school’ vision of the term ‘apprenticeship.’ In today's terms our programmes and support are a fierce contender for university and in our eyes the most obvious route (where applicable) to retaining and developing existing staff.  Our programmes. support and tutors were and are purposely unique, we attract businesses and employees who share our quality of vision and today we strive to be the first choice training provider in middle England.


We and our friends - employers, learners and mentors commit to a three way relationship that is laden with the desire to achieve success. Our history to date tells us this is the perfect recipe for success!

“We ran a host of apprenticeship programmes with Mitre. They became a natural extension to our team. We loved working with them!”

Working Together on Project

“We employ the best because we want the best for each and every business and learner we work with.”

Bromley Sibson, MD

Want Mitre to be  part of your training journey? Start talking to us today.

Together we can do this…


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The world of apprenticeships has changed and so we always recommend picking up the phone for a quick, no obligation chat to provide you with the information that you need.

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