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If you're recruiting an Apprentice you've likely got some questions! To help, we've pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions to give you all the information you might. No question is a daft question! If the answers to your query aren't below, give us a call on 01772 525406 or contact us using our online contact form.

General Information

How old can an Apprentice be?

Apprenticeships can be completed by anyone aged 16 or over. There's no age restriction! It's important to note that to be eligible, the Apprentice candidate must not already have an equivalent or higher-level qualification or experience in the same subject area. 

Can an existing member of staff start an Apprenticeship?

Yes! Many employers utilise Apprenticeships for existing staff. They're a great way of developing existing staff, engaging them on a high quality programme of learning with other apprentices from other industries to widen their area of knowledge and experience. Not only is it cost effective, but it gives your staff member a fantastic qualification to take forward with them in their career. 

How long is an Apprenticeship programme?

Dependent on the level of programme, our apprenticeship lengths can differ from 13 - 18 months. For the length of each of our programmes, visit 

How do I decide what course to start an Apprentice on?

It's a tough choice - there's over 700 apprenticeships to choose from! At Mitre we've carefully selected the apprenticeship programmes we offer and our Tutors have been perfecting our delivery to ensure our apprentices get the very best experience. For all our apprenticeship programmes, please visit or give us a call to discuss which course would be best suited for your requirements. 

How much time will the Apprentice need to spend learning and studying each week?

An apprenticeship is made up of on-the-job training and off-the-job training, all useful in building up their knowledge and experience. Throughout their duration on programme an Apprentice will need to dedicate 20% of their time to off-the-job training. This will include live webinars with their Tutor, personal coaching and tutorials, further reading and study, the completion of tasks and group activities, and more. Some weeks the required time on the apprenticeship may be more than others but our Tutors will work flexibly to the requirements of the employer where possible.

How much time will our Managers need to provide in support?

It's really important that an Apprentice has a workplace mentor or line manager who will assist with their on-the-job training and support. There is no set amount of time for this, but the greater the support, opportunities and experiences the apprentice is given the quicker they will be able to make a positive impact in your workplace. But remember, Mitre's highly supportive and caring team of tutors and programme managers are always on hand. 

Am I obliged to recruit an Apprentice once the programme ends?

It's not obligatory that an Employer offer an Apprentice a full-time role once their apprenticeship has come to an end, but more often than not you'll find they have become a valued part of your team and in many cases go on to be integral to the culture and success of an organisation. When hiring an apprentice it is important to look to the future and at what progression opportunities you might offer, this could be another apprenticeship taking them from a level 2 or 3 through to more advanced level 5 and 7 programmes or across into a supervisor or leadership apprenticeship.  

I'm going to recruit an Apprentice, where do I start?

Great news. You'll first need to start talking to us about  the Apprenticeship programme best suited to your businesses needs. Naturally, at Mitre we are more than happy to talk through the options in more detail and how we might be able to help. Our programmes and tutors ae amongst the best in the business.

Th Mitre team will consult with you about the recruitment of your Apprentice, the costs and funding available, setting up your Digital Apprenticeships Service and enrolling your new Apprentice onto their programme of learning.

Our team are ready and waiting to speak with you about employing an apprentice. Call us on 01773 525406 or use our contact form.

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Apprenticeship Funding

How much will an Apprenticeship cost?

Employers can access funds to cover 95-100% of the apprenticeship training cost by setting up a Digital Apprenticeship Service account. However, an employer is responsible for the cost of any other mandatory workplace training not associated with the apprenticeship criteria and the wages of the apprentice. More information on funding an apprentice can be found on our Apprenticeship Levy page: 

What should I expect to pay an Apprentice?

A first year Apprentice must be paid a minimum of £4.30 an hour and work a minimum of 30 hours a week to complete a full-time apprenticeship. Subsequently, they are entitled to the National Minimum Wage. For the current rate, go to:

Who is eligible to be funded for an Apprenticeship?

The current, headline rules for accessing Apprenticeships are:

  • Residency - must be settled in the UK or EEA for 3 years prior to start 

  • Must have have had their 16th birthday in the academic year before the last Friday in June

  • Must not be in full-time education or funded on an Adult Education Budget funded programme

Details of full eligibility criteria can be found in the current SFA funding rules on the following link: 

Apprenticeship Funding

Why would I use a Training Provider rather than a College?

As a Training Provider, Apprenticeships are what we do. We've been through rigorous development plans and approval processes to ensure that our programmes of learning deliver to the very highest quality. We employ specialised Tutors to deliver across our programmes providing a level of 1-2-1 support for each and every learner. Our team are constantly reviewing our quality and standards to ensure we maintain our high standards to give each Apprentice the very best chance of succeeding and exceeding employer expectations.

Our programmes have been designed to include a variety of learning platforms, including 1-2-1 training, online webinars, as well as group discussions with other Apprentices from different organisations and industries. We're independently audited by Ofsted to ensure we're meeting the highest academical requirements. 

What support can Mitre give me to recruit an Apprentice?

Our team can support you in setting up your Digital Apprenticeship Service account and getting your 'Find an Apprenticeship' advertisement live on the Government's Apprenticeship website. Once you're adverts up, we'll support you in sharing the advert via our channels, although the recruitment and interview process will need to be completed by the employer.

Will my Apprentice be part of a group of other Apprentices?

At Mitre we aim to start your Apprentice's programme a long side other Apprentices from other employers to ensure that the programme incorporates group discussions and sharing of learning. This way, your Apprentice will have the support of a group and enhance their overall experience.

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