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1. Understanding of your business training needs

The first stage of our onboarding process is to have what we like to call ‘deep dive conversations’. Essentially it's a chance for us to get to know more about where you’re at with your business and it’s current training needs.


2. Government funding pots explained

Essentially it’s simple. As we’re a government accredited training provider you’ll have access to funding of 95% towards our training costs and you’ll only need to contribute 5%. It’s our job to ensure you meet all the relevant criteria.

3. Agree apprenticeship programme best suited to your business

Based on previous outcomes, we should be in a strong position to recommend the apprenticeship programme/s best suited to your needs. We’ll also help you ascertain whether it’s a new recruit that’s required or the upskilling of existing staff.

4. Mitre support in candidate selection and meeting funding criteria

When the apprenticeship vacancy is out there on job boards we’ll support you in your candidate selection; ensuring they not only meet funding criteria but also that their skill level is ideally placed to achieve and prosper on your selected programme.


5. Enrol and recruit the perfect candidate

Time to get your apprentice started. As you induct them into your business, we’ll arrange a time for them to be onboarded with Mitre Group and meet their fellow learners too. We’ll also arrange a call with the apprentice’s line manager to make sure they can access the E-portfolio system so they can monitor progress and support their development goals.

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6. Organisation of government funding

In the background we’ll have arranged the funding and supported you to claim any available incentives.


7. Learners begin their Mitre apprenticeship programme!

It’s as simple as that!

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See the full range of programmes that we have on offer!

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The world of apprenticeships has changed and so we always recommend picking up the phone for a quick, no obligation chat to provide you with the information that you need.

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