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1. Join the Mitre Alumni community

As an apprentice you certainly won’t be alone in your learning journey. You’ll join a cohort of learners based across the UK who share the same vision as you to develop on your chosen apprenticeship programme. You’ll follow & share the same journey!


2. One to one industry based expert mentors

We employ our tutors because they are the best in the business. They work or have worked in your relevant sector and are able to share real life learning and work experiences  with you. This is what makes our programmes a fierce contender to university. You’ll be applying your knowledge and lessons learned directly into the business you work for. 

3. Mitre’s exclusive 2 day Adventure Learning Event

This is an event that is exclusive to Mitre learners. All our apprentices will be invited to join us at our 2 day adventure learning experience hosted at our base, Mount Cook Activity Centre in the Peak District. Team work, essential skills and behaviours are explored.

4. Unique networking events, guest speaker sessions and employer visits...

We are determined to make our apprentices' learning journey unique. That’s why we’ve integrated a programme where each quarter Apprentices will be invited to a unique networking event, industry leading guest speaker session or visit an employer within their industry to see how things work..


5. Monthly online group learning

Apprentices will come together in an online forum with their fellow learners and tutor on a monthly basis. It’s a great opportunity for them to share their ideas, journey and learning challenges on a regular basis.

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6. Future career support and guidance

As they transition through the programme we’ll engage and educate them in the opportunities their apprenticeship qualification may present to them in the future. We’ll do everything we can to set them up for future success.

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