L3 Community Sport & Health Officer

Duration: 16 months I Employers involved: Active Nation, Places for people leisure, Active Essex & more.

Learn how to empower individuals from inactive and hard to reach populations and initiate behaviour change in local residents regarding engagement in sport and physical activity.

Designed with input from Active Nation, Derbyshire Sporting Futures, Birmingham City Council, and many other well-known UK sports organisations, this Apprenticeship is ideal for roles within the sport development sector that aim to engage local communities in sport and physical activity.

Enrolling apprentices onto this course will provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of behaviour change, devising activity programmes for different groups, collaborative work with other community organisations, and knowledge of how to manage and lead volunteers.

“Do you know what my favourite part of the game is? The opportunity to play” - Mike Singletary

To ensure our apprenticeship programmes provide the best experience for your staff member, we work hard to provide additional learning opportunities, from engaging peer-to-peer workshops to a residential adventure experience.

For the full list of benefits and course details, please see the documents shared below or get in contact with us.



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