If you’re looking to upskill your existing team or recruit personnel to help take on the responsibility of line managing your teams then we have programmes that are perfectly suited to meet your business objectives and needs.


Learners will develop their operational and project management skills with the aim of delivering clearly outlined outcomes. Having the right management structure in place to drive teams forward in achieving your business goals will be a key driver of your businesses success.

The positive results of having skilled managers leading your team/s will be tangible and quantifiable.


Leadership & Management Apprenticeships

Team Meeting

Our leadership & management programmes

Office talks
  • Self awareness

  • Managing people

  • Leading people

  • Decision making

  • Finance

  • Behaviours

  • Operational management

  • Project management

Team Leader / Supervisor

Level 3

Marketing Company
  • Decision making 

  • Managing people

  • Building relationships

  • Inclusive and agile behaviours

  • Professionalism and taking responsibility

  • Leading people

  • Communication

  • Management of self

Operational / Departmental Manager

Level 5

Team Meeting

Learning to inspire your team

Learners on our Leadership and Management Apprenticeship Programmes will learn the art of supporting, mentoring and developing team members to achieve.


The skill of a great manager is infectious and enthuses other staff and colleagues to over achieve. 

The Mitre leadership & management  programmes

At Mitre we provide learners with access to the Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship and Operational and Departmental Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship.  We confidently believe that the quality of these programmes, coupled with the support of highly skilled work based tutors, will quickly see your business integrate management roles that are confident, efficient and knowledgeable.


These programmes have been developed with the support of major companies such as Barclays and Virgin Media.

Brainstorming Session

Our Mitre Marketing Apprenticeship programmes includes:

Monthly online group learning

Mitre 2 day adventure learning event

One to one tutorials with our expert industry based tutors

Opportunity to join the Mitre Alumni Community

Expert guest speaker sessions

What our apprentices say...

"I cannot be more complimentary. At the beginning of the programme it felt a bit daunting and overwhelming but with Danny's support and guidance my confidence and knowledge grew tremendously."


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