Setting your business and brand up for future success

The term ‘marketing’ encompasses a wide scope of highly skilled work. Integrating personnel into your organisation with the specialist skills required to set your business up for future success is pivotal.

Marketing is the function that builds your brand awareness and is the
starting point for nurturing lead generation. 


Marketing Apprenticeships

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Our marketing programmes

Marketing Company
  • Marketing Strategy

  • Building brand awareness​

  • Offline and online activities

  • Marketing content creation

  • Teamwork

  • Market research

  • Events

  • Campaign analytics

Marketing Assistant

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Ensuring your voice is bright, bold and confident

Whether it’s a product or service your business provides, the starting point and linchpin for future growth is ensuring that your voice and brand hits your target market with the right message, at the right time.


In today's terms the fight to gain market share over your competitors will most likely take place both offline and online; employing people with the skills to do this on your behalf is critical.

The Mitre Level 3 marketing apprenticeship

At Mitre we provide learners with access to the Level 3 Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship. We confidently believe that the quality of this programme, coupled with the support of highly skilled work based tutors, will quickly see your business integrate a marketing function that is both efficient and knowledgeable.


The positive results of having a qualified marketer/s in your team will be tangible and quantifiable.

Brainstorming Session

Our Mitre Marketing Apprenticeship programmes includes:

Monthly online group learning

Mitre 2 day adventure learning event

One to one tutorials with our expert industry based tutors

Opportunity to join the Mitre Alumni Community

Expert guest speaker sessions

"I cannot be more complimentary. At the beginning of the course it felt a bit daunting and overwhelming but with Danny's support and guidance my confidence and knowledge grew tremendously."


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