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Mitre Become CIMSPA Skills Partner

05 Jun

Derbyshire based training company Mitre Group continue its season of success by becoming a Skills Development Partner of CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). Established In 1992, Mitre are widely recognised as Leaders in Training across the sports and stadia sector, working with the top Clubs and organisations in the country to deliver a range of training and education programmes and solutions. The CIMSPA nationwide network of skills development partners...

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UK's First Sports Apprenticeship Academies

23 May

The UKs first Sports Apprenticeship Academies will be opening their doors to students in June led by Mitre Group one of the countrys top training providers. The first academies, based in London, East Midlands and West Midlands, will bring apprentices from sports clubs and foundations around the country together at dedicated training hubs. The academies will provide a supportive environment for collaborative learning and the opportunity for students to work alongside their apprentice peers from a wide...

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Building Better Businesses With Apprenticeships

22 May

Over the course of the year we have continued to hear fantastic reports from our clients about the positive and very real impact apprentices have on their organisation as well of course as on the lives of the apprentices themselves. Our research shows that apprentices actively want to repay the trust and investment shown in them by organisations and therefore make for incredibly loyal, ambitious and hard-working employees as they make the progression from student to staff member. Where apprenticeships are...

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New Sports Leaders Hit The Field

17 May

A new generation of sports leaders is hitting the sports clubs and fields of the UK after celebrating the completion of their qualifications this month.Over 285 certificates were awarded by Mitre to students who have worked hard over the past academic yearto achieve success in topics ranging from communication skills to positive mentoring. Over the past year, Mitres tutors have worked closely with the learners to coach them through their studies while they continue to work within partner organisations...

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Learn To Teach

12 Jan

If you think you or your team have what it takes to teach, Mitre is able to offer the training needed to embark on delivering in-house training and assessment. In order to deliver vocational and competence-based training, such as Awards, Certificates, Diplomas and NVQs, its essential for those at the front of the classroom to be fully qualified and have the experience required to successfully guide students through their course. Teaching and assessing qualifications provide a grounding in the essential skills...

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25th Anniversary | Mitre Celebrates A Milestone

17 May

news for 25th Anniversary | Mitre Celebrates A Milestone

Mitre Group celebrates its 25th anniversary this month. In 1992, Mitre began delivering a range of bespoke leadership, management and team development programmes for senior management teams across the financial sector in the UK and Europe. Over the years, Mitre has diversified into other sectors including the sports, safety, security, community education, manufacturing and professional services, forging strong partnerships along the way, quickly establishing themselves as Leaders in Training. Jennie Bowmer...

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Apprenticeship Levy - How Mitre Can Help

17 May

As market leaders in Apprenticeships we are here to help you throughall elements of the planning, identification, development and implementation of the Levy and your Apprenticeship training programmes. We are here to: Provide guidance & tailored advice for your company Support you through preparation and implementation of the Levy Identify and Design programmes that work for you and maximises the value of funding you have access to Manage Levy/Apprenticeship training payments whether you are...

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Apprenticeship Levy - Information

17 May

As market leaders for Apprenticeships we are here to help you understand the Levy and support you to identify and deliver the Apprenticeships you need. What is the Levy? From Spring 2017 the way the Government funds apprenticeships in England is changing. Large employers with an annual payroll >£3m will be required to contribute to a new apprenticeship levy. This will be collected by HMRC from April 2017 and calculated at 0.5% of payroll. In return, these Levy-paying employers will have a Digital Account from...

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Latest Mitre Newsletters

11 May

Click here to read the latest Sport Newsletter from Mitre. Click here to read the latest Stadia & Safety Newsletter from Mitre

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Leadership For Equality & Diversity

13 Oct

Mitre delighted to support the launch of new magazine - LEAD The mission of LEAD is to define, analyse and showcase how leadership by women and under-represented groups is creating a massive shift in the way business and politics are being conducted and provide the information, tools and expertise needed for equality to accelerate further. As a fundamental element of all training programmes at Mitre, we are delighted to support LEAD championing change.

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