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Building Better Businesses with Apprenticeships

Over the course of the year we have continued to hear fantastic reports from our clients about the positive and very real impact apprentices have on their organisation as well of course as on the lives of the apprentices themselves. Our research shows that apprentices actively want to repay the trust and investment shown in them by organisations and therefore make for incredibly loyal, ambitious and hard-working employees as they make the progression from student to staff member.

Where apprenticeships are regarded as a strategic HR initiative, the real benefits for businesses are clear - high retention, high performance, high productivity and high efficiencies. Managers are able to benefit from attractive performance outputs from a hard-working, cost-effective group of employees. Meanwhile, apprentices themselves have the ability to gain real life vocational experience, develop skills and knowledge while earning a living.

Interestingly, a study by Mitre CEO Jennie Bowmer also highlights the potential contrast in attitude between young graduate employees and apprentices. It is possible that the additional years of education and perhaps a higher employment entry level can sometimes result in more unrealistic expectations of employment from graduates than their apprentice counterparts who may have a greater affinity to the workplace. These differences in behaviour can favour apprentices as organisations seek to employ mature, efficient employees with the appropriate behaviours and attitudes that reflect the organisation.

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