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Leadership & Management

Team Leader Ad

Designed to prepare learners to effectively line manage others, this apprenticeship is designed to develop operational and project competencies, ready for successful candidates to take on  the responsibility for managing a team to deliver a clearly defined outcome.

Team Leader / Supervisor

Level 3

Work Team Meeting

This course has been designed to prepare you to effectively manage teams and/or projects, and achieving operational or departmental goals and objectives, as part of the delivery of the organisations strategy. 

Operational & Departmental Manager

Level 5

Sports and Outdoors

Girls in a Sports Practice
  • How to Lead and Coach Inclusive, Fun and Engaging Physical Activities

  • The Benefits of Physical Activity

  • The Principles of Behaviour Change

  • Understand Barriers to Participation

  • How to Look after your Community

  • Recognise Customer Needs and Priorities

  • The Importance of Effective Leadership

  • Understand Legislation including: Safeguarding, Child Protection and Inclusion

  • First Aid and Mental Wellbeing

  • Level 1 English and Maths

Community Activator Coach

Level 2

Training Session
  • Empowering People and Initiating Behaviour Change

  • Personal Motivations, Social Barriers and Health Inequalities

  • Design Effective Programmes

  • Using Sport to Prevent and Minimise Anti-Social Behaviour and Criminality

  • Manage Disruptive Behaviour

  • Communication Skills

  • How to Work with key stakeholders e.g. NGBs and Sports Development Agencies

  • Level 2 English and Maths

Community Sport & Health Officer 

Level 3

Soccer Practice

The broad purpose of the Sport Coach occupation is to use extensive technical and tactical sports knowledge and skills to design and deliver coaching programmes that engage, motivate and evolve participants’ skills and performance.

Sports coach

Level 4

Tying a Knot

The main responsibility of an Outdoor Activity Instructor is to run a safe and enjoyable activity session. Operate with the procedures related to session delivery to meet Health & Safety, environmental sustainability, safeguarding and data protection requirements.

Outdoor Activity Instructor

Level 3

Specialist Apprenticeships

Marketing Company

The Marketing Assistant apprenticeship will help staff support customer focussed marketing activities that drive the demand of your product or service through awareness raising and/or perception building to generate results to the bottom line.

Marketing Assistant

Level 3


The Travel Consultant Apprenticeship is the perfect stepping stone to support individuals into a career in travel.

Travel Consultant

Level 3



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