5 Reasons You Should Be An Apprentice!

Working for a Training Provider, naturally I’m biased in thinking that Apprenticeships are great, after all I am an apprentice myself. But, considering 50% of our team are either on or have completed an Apprenticeship, I think Mitre Group are qualified to tell you why being an Apprentice is a brilliant educational experience, resulting in real employment opportunities and a firm foot on the careers ladder.

Here’s my top 5…

1. Earn while you learn

Whether you’re a new recruit or an existing staff member about to take on an Apprenticeship, learning whilst earning has to be one of the biggest benefits of any programme! What’s more, the new knowledge you gain can be immediately applied to your day-to-day job, benefitting you as an employee but also allowing you the opportunity to demonstrate new ideas and thinking with your employer. And, at the end of the programme you’ll walk away with an industry recognised qualification to use as a springboard for your career.

2. Career path

Yes, at the end of your Apprenticeship you’ll have a certificate to be proud of and a stamp on your CV for the future, but what next? The beauty of the Apprenticeship scheme is that it allows you to continue your development. Finished your Level 2? Why not consider a Level 3? It’ll further develop your skills and help you up the career ladder, perhaps leading to a promotion, more responsibilities and perhaps a bigger salary?

Continue expanding your professional knowledge in your industry and ask us about what Apprenticeship pathways exist in your area of interest.

3. Tutors are for constant support

As an Apprentice you’re in the fortunate position to have your own expert Tutor delivering your webinars, 1-2-1 catch ups and working with you on tasks and projects. They are there as a constant support for you; a helping hand in your professional development. Get their support and advice on real scenarios that’ll help not just in a learning capacity but help to improve your on the job experience.

4. NUS Card

As an Apprentice myself, this is a MASSIVE perk. 20% at ASOS, 40% off Dominos, 20% off at New Look… all for being an Apprentice. How cool is that! We’ve put together some information on how to access your card, read more here:

5. It’s a change from the classroom and lecture hall!

You get real, ‘hands-on’ practical experience in the job role and industry you are interested in, learning the right skills in a real environment! This will make your development quicker as you will be able to see your new skills in action!

Hiya 👋 I am Eleanor and I am a Marketing Apprentice here at Mitre Group and if you ever want to talk apprenticeships from an apprentice email me at or call 01773 525406 option 3

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