Life As An Apprentice : Part Two

Hiya, I am back!

It's been 3 months since I started my journey as an Apprentice and I'm please to report, it's going great! For anyone considering an Apprenticeship, here's what life on my Apprenticeship has been like since my first update...

Let's pick up where we left off...

In my last post, I'd just reached the 7 week marker. I'd been through my interview process and hopefully provided some useful incite into what happens during those very early days.

Since then, I've had two more educational webinars with my group; branding and knowing your customer. One of the sessions took place at our offices here at Mount Cook Adventure Centre. Both of these sessions were awesome and gave me some great ideas to implement in my day to day job. For example, during our sessions we've discussed designing our marketing with the perfect audience in mind. I've since started adapting my posts online based on who I've been wanting to engage with.

I have been given lots of 'off the job' experiences over the last few months. These are opportunities too learn outside of my job with Mitre Group. Some of these include;

  • Attending the Midlands Business Network Exhibition at the King Power Stadium in Leicester. One particular highlight being to attend a Social Media Masterclass with Rik Courtney from Be More Social.

  • Marketing Derby Events at both Bustler Street Food Market and Purpose Media. Here I attended with Colleagues to meet with other marketeers from businesses within the Network, and to be involved with networking opportunities my Colleagues are involved in.

  • Mitre Groups Adventure Learning Event! I'll explain more later...

  • Branding Workshop Day

Being able to attend these events has taught me so much about how to interact with other business professionals, as well as how to provide people with information about Apprenticeships and how they can improve their organisations. As an Apprentice at Mitre, I think I'm qualified to do that!

The Adventure Learning Event...

In October I was able to attend the Adventure Learning Event. This was an amazing opportunity to learn about how to work collaboratively and build relationships with people in your team to make sure you reach your goals. But also how supporting your team is the most effective thing you can do to reach the collective goal. I also got to meet everyone from my course and learn about how they are implementing the skills we all are learning in our webinars, and using those in their respective companies. I particularly enjoyed getting hands on with the activities because, as our offices are at Mount Cook Adventure Centre, I see people enjoying the activities every day so it was great to actually take part, get up the high ropes and down the minefield!

Being able to come back into my job as Marketing and Sales Assistant at Mitre and being able to implement all the skills I learnt during the event has been great. For example, one thing I learnt was the importance of team work and collaboration in every aspect of working.

What's coming up

I'm really looking forward to the next 3 months.

Of course in December I am looking forward to the Christmas Party! But other than that in January I will be heading for a day at St. Georges Park to see our Sports Coach Apprentices in action. Furthermore, I am extremely excited about the website project continuation, I can't wait to see the great work that's been done.

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