Life As An Apprentice - Part Three

Hi there! I'm back again with my quarterly update six months into my apprenticeship!

The past six months have been amazing. If you’re considering an apprenticeship, then I'm here to report back now I am halfway into my programme, what the experience is like.

Where I left you...

In my last post I had just completed Mitre’s Outdoor Learning Event and a webinar on knowing your customer. Since then I have completed two more exciting webinars on utilising social media and market research. These have been really insightful and have helped me understand the world of marketing. I have also been able to bring all that I have learnt into my role at Mitre and being able to implement the things I learn really does help in cementing the knowledge. Although I was sure I was as clued up on social media as most 18 year-olds think they are, learning about the best ways to use it from a marketing perspective has been really exciting and interesting to learn about; there are so many great tools I'd not heard of!

I have attended The Marketing Exhibition in Birmingham which was great! I was able to learn from some experts in the field about how to improve videos and strategies. It was really helpful talk to some professional marketeers about their experiences, what works in their organisations and what challenges they face.

December was a great month! I was able to attend the Marketing Derby Christmas Party Event at Bustler Market as well as fun games and Secret Santa with all the team! Apprentices often get the stereotype that they do the basic job and make the tea and coffee, but in my experience this is just not true. You become part of a team, and everyone on the Mitre team especially have been super in supporting me over the last six months!

What is coming up for me?

I am looking forward to multiple Marketing Derby events coming up over the next few months, the first one being at AV' IT Media and MacMartin next week, which I am sure will be great! I am further looking forward to the next webinars with my cohort on SEO, Paid Advertising and GDPR!

I’ll keep you updated!

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