NUS Discount Card for Apprentices!

Did you know that all Apprentices with Mitre Group are eligible for an NUS Card? If not, you'll want to keep reading!

An NUS Card (National Union for Students) provides any Apprentice with exclusive discounts on big brands like ASOS, Co-op, Amazon, Dominos, Alton Towers and many more! How good is that! I know as an apprentice myself I recently got myself the card and I cannot wait to get saving as they have great offers to save on all my impulse buys, don’t judge I know you do it too!

All you need is, of course, to be a working Apprentice with an email address only you have access to, a photo and a payment card.

Who’s eligible?

To be eligible for an NUS card, your Apprenticeship must meet the legal minimum duration of 12 months, working for 16 hours or more each week. That means that any of Mitre’s Apprentices qualify for this fantastic offer!

Now, we know you'll be asking, where can I get one?

Getting an NUS Card is quick, simple, and is delivered to you within a matter of days. Head to: then follow the buy now button.

How much does it cost?

The NUS Card costs £11 for a year or £19 for two years, in relation to your apprenticeship length. If you are a shopaholic or addicted to adding to basket, like me, you must take advantage of these great deals, you will save more than the cost in no time!

To start your application, you will need some basic information about yourself and you’ll be on your way. You need your name, an email address, your date of birth and a payment card. You will also need a photo of yourself, don’t worry no mugshots are needed, just a recent photo where it’s clear it’s you!

There is no age limit for this offer as an apprentice can be of any age don’t forget!

So, what are you waiting for! Get you application started here:

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