Ross Jillings Life of An Apprentice

Ross Jillings is a former Community Sport & Health Officer Apprentice. He completed his apprenticeship with Derbyshire Dales Council where he is now employed full-time following a successful outcome.

Ross has found working with Mitre an exciting experience as we are flexible, and he has found the tutors and everyone he has interacted with at Mitre extremely helpful. He worked with Amy Neill a tutor here at Mitre; he really enjoyed working with Amy as she was always brilliant, contactable and offered plenty of support, making the apprenticeship a lot more manageable and less stressful.

The off the job time is often the most confusing part of an apprenticeship. What counts? How do I log it? How much time do I have?

Well in Ross’ experience it is a lot simpler than it sounds! You get 20% of your contracted hours for off the job training; roughly one day a week. With Mitre all off the job training is logged on OneFile, our E-portfolio system, to make interacting with tutors easier and submitting work simpler. Now the big one, what counts as off the job training? There are lots of different things that count as off the job. Ross did a vast amount of shadowing of his colleagues to begin with and reviewed this with his tutor to give him a feel for his role, the responsibilities of his colleagues and more general feel for how the Council operated. This meant that when Ross completed the monthly webinars with his peers and completed tasks given by his tutor, he had a great idea of how he was going to apply this in his work to have a positive impact.

Managing time can be difficult for apprentices, however with Ross’ helpful tips it can be easy.

“I think the best way to manage your time is to just keep your calendar up to date and also keeping an honest and open relationship between you and your line manager”

Setting dedicated time to work on your apprenticeship is definitely wise advice! This advice will help you balance full time work and the studies.

Talking about Mitre’s E-portfolio system, OneFile, Ross said

“I found it really easy to use, really simple, and you can’t complain with that.”
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