Saif Atrakji Gives His Experiences of Mitre

Saif Atrakji is a Marketing Assistant Apprentice currently on his third month with Mitre Group.

We spoke to Saif about how he felt his apprenticeship was going and what he thought it was like studying with Mitre Group.

Saif is doing his apprenticeship whilst based within Queens Park Rangers Community Trust. He has previously studied at university however felt he wasn’t ready to go into full time work but found an apprenticeship would be a perfect as he would be learning new knowledge whilst applying it directly to his job. Saif also told us how every educational experience he has had through his life has not compared to Mitre; it has been a totally unique experience! As School, College and University he found could get rather boring and plain as you were learning about activities and how to do things but not actually putting what you were learning into practice, making it more difficult to understand.

‘’it is an opportunity for me to learn and work at the same time when finishing Uni’’

Apprenticeships are for everyone; you can have a higher qualification, as long as the apprenticeship is providing new knowledge and skills to the individual. Saif for example had just finished a degree when he started the apprenticeship. Saif spoke about how when you finish University you feel a lot of pressure to get straight into work full time or spend more time at University than maybe they really want to. Therefore, he felt apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity to learn whilst getting into the working environment, and getting to know the industry and therefore gain a more in depth learning experience as you get to put into practice everything you learn every day.

At Mitre, we use the E-portfolio system OneFile this is to make our programs paperless. We do this because work is less likely to be lost and it’s better for the environment. We have found that our apprentices find this system easy to use and a really good way of displaying tasks. “It’s simple to understand and easy to learn” said Saif.

Saif would advice new apprentices to always do their research, on the company, the role, competitors, everything really! Know what you are responsible for that way you can help your colleagues more and keep up to date with competitors because you’re all helping each other.

‘’Make sure you’re learning from the experience of others, as the managers have often been there a long time and therefore have a wealth of experience they can hand over to you.’’

‘’Forget about the title apprentice, it’s all about cementing yourself in the organisation, by building relationships, by learning about the company and suggesting your ideas”

As an apprentice you learn new things every webinar and tutorial so don’t be afraid to voice that knowledge as it might be something your colleagues may not have tried before.

‘Mitre have tutors that are understanding, friendly and helpful’

Saif so far said he has enjoyed that the tutors adapt to become personal to the learners needs, and work around work commitments if they have meetings they must attend, tight deadlines, ect.

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