Starting my Apprenticeship: The Journal of an Apprentice!

Hi! I'm Eleanor, Marketing Assistant Apprentice at Mitre Group. Whilst tackling my apprenticeship as well as my new role, I'll be documenting my experiences in the hope that it helps others out there considering an apprenticeship...

Before I worked at Mitre Group I was studying A – Levels at college; in Maths, Physics and Law and working part-time in retail alongside my studies. After years of hard work, it was all over. I knew University wasn’t what I wanted to do as my next step and I decided an apprenticeships was a route I wanted to take as I think learning while working is a valuable way to develop as you can apply the knowledge as you go!

It's my dream to further my way on to the next level apprenticeship and have a successful career in Mitre's Marketing department!

I found the Mitre Apprenticeship and thought it was a great opportunity and decided to apply, and I am so glad I did! I met all the team in person within a week (which is rare with remote working!). It had been a while since I had been the new girl so there was a lot of information about the role and the company to take in but everyone welcomed me and helped me settle in and feel comfortable and before the week was finished I felt like a fully-fledged member of the Mitre Team.

I absolutely love working for Mitre as I get to meet amazing people and discus the amazing benefits of apprenticeships, and work with a great team to spread the message! I also get to speak to lots of Mitre's former learners and find out how their apprenticeship has helped them to develop their careers and set them on a strong path to achieving great things.

The office is in a fabulous location as well! Being located at Mount Cook Adventure Centre we’re only a stones throw from Black Rock, Middleton Top and Carsington - it makes for fantastic dinner time walks!

I have learnt so much in the last 7 weeks about marketing, sales, apprenticeships and everything in-between! I am really enjoying the apprenticeship with my tutor Dawn Spendlove, from Love Marketing. The webinars and tasks are engaging and are really helping develop my marketing skills!

Can't for my next webinar... will keep you posted!

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