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Updated: Jan 11

Derbyshire based training company Mitre Group who recently celebrated its 25th anniversary have been working with Shrewsbury Town Football Club to ensure its club stewards are supported and have received the very latest training to help support them with the introduction of the first pioneering ‘Safe Standing’ area in England and Wales.

There has been much press coverage of the club from a quaint Shropshire market town following their campaign when they became pioneers in seeing the return of standing areas at football clubs.   The club recently unveiled 555 rail seats at Montgomery Waters Meadow stadium making the club the first in England to have the dual purpose seating area and give fans the option to sit or stand.  The seats are used at Celtic FC, in the German Bundesliga and in the United States and have proved extremely popular with fans.  Jennie Bowmer, Managing Director spoken about the importance of continually evolving training programmes to ensure they are fit for purpose for the very specialist sector that is football. Jennie said

“We are so proud to work with many of the UK’s leading clubs and stadia and have supported thousands of people through our stadia programmes. We are especially proud to be supporting Shrewsbury by ensuring all stewards have trained appropriately and that the training they receive also covers ‘Safe Standing’. We have developed our programmes as the moving landscape of sport requires it too – safe standing wasn’t an area we needed to include a year ago, now its high on the agenda for many other clubs – all of whom are watching the developments at Shrewsbury with great interest. "

Lawrence Ellerby, Safety Officer at Shrewsbury Town FC said

“Mitre have been exceptional to work with and our partnership has been built on Mitre having a fantastic understanding of the sector and especially around the unique dynamics of standing supporters.  The training of our ‘Spectator Safety Stewards’ is unique in that we are the only club throughout England and Wales with a Safe Standing area and as such we have had to evolve the training of our stewards. The safety of all our supporters is of the paramount importance to us whilst ensuring we also enhance the match day experience – the training our stewards has received has been extremely thorough and equips our staff with the prerequisite of skills they require to carry out their duties.”

For more information on stadia safety and how we can train and develop your staff, visit the Spectator Safety section of the webpage or contact Danny Maxwell ( our stadia safety expert. 

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