Why should I hire an apprentice?

So you’re thinking of hiring an Apprentice?

Right now, it’s a brilliant time to consider recruiting staff as an Apprentice or, to train existing staff using an Apprenticeship Scheme.

If you’re unsure of what an Apprenticeship is, how they work and the requirements they’ll put on you as an employer, have a read of our Apprenticeships FAQ page: FAQ'S

Naturally, as a training provider we believe that Apprenticeships are an awesome route to employment. But also, they provide some great benefits to employers that you may not be aware of… Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should consider recruiting an Apprentice:

1. Fresh Ideas. Young people offer a fresh perspective.

A new apprentice can bring fresh ideas and give an outside opinion. Given their nature, Apprentices are highly motivated to learn and develop within their role often bringing a fresh sense of enthusiasm and desire. Taking that passion and applying it within the workplace can be inspiring not just for that staff member, but everyone that works with them!

Everyone in an apprenticeship has a desire to learn, is enthusiastic and motivated! They want to gain the new skills from working with you and will be passionate about any opportunities you give them to gain experience.

2. Apprentices are constantly learning…

They will also be learning and therefore all the knowledge they gain they will be able to apply to your business. They can bring new information monthly into their job role – perhaps they’ve learned something new in marketing or management that can be applied in their day to day, or shared with other staff?

Apprentices can also use live work examples during their education, creating that connection between on and off the job learning to really solidify good practice with immediate learning outcomes.

Learning is experiential. Apply theoretical learning to real working examples to illustrate good working practice. Bring learning to life.

3. Investing and Upskilling Staff

It’s proven that investing on your staff’s development creates more motivated and committed employees. An Apprenticeship can be seen as a long-term training plan that offers continual professional development. If you’re considering external training, why not consider using an Apprenticeship as a cost-effective training programme for your team?

What’s more, you are investing in your staff. Your staff are what make your business and by investing and helping them you are investing in the future of your business. It is important to remember that if you hire an apprentice you are helping your current staff as they are getting someone to help them with improving the company and can help support senior staff with their workload.

With only 29% of people happy with their job advancement opportunities it shows that there are plenty of people out there who want to improve on their future prospects and this can be done through apprenticeships through apprenticeship pathways.

With 74% of employees feeling that they weren't achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities imagine the increased productivity in your staff if they felt you were investing in advancing their career. Most staff turn over occurs in the first 45 days, so make it a priority to keep them by investing in their future and yours!

By investing in your employees;

- Staff will enjoy work more.

- It’ll creates better company culture.

- Staff will be motivated to work harder.

- They’ll be more committed…

- Which creates more profit!

4. Apprenticeship programmes can be tailored to suit your organisation and industry

Did you know… Only 12% of people say they use anything they learn in school, college or university! An Apprenticeship programme can be tailored for your company so you can ensure your apprentices are learning what you need them to know to support them in their employment.

Apprenticeships embed education within employment so apprentices will develop these business skills alongside their technical education.

5. Cost Effective

An apprentice is continually learning over the year, and with you only having to pay 5% of the training fees you will receive a cost-effective way of training your staff. Training workshops can cost thousands of pounds for a couple of days, whereas a yearlong course with 12 webinars, constant support and a recognised qualification by the charted institute could be considered a bargain!

Recruiting an Apprentice will improve your business. Just ask the 74% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve the quality of their product or service.

If you want to hear more about apprenticeships email: or call 01773 525 406 option 3.

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