At Mitre, our Safety team expect the highest standards and deliver to our gold standard level. To do so, we're proud to have compiled a team of experts in the field, guaranteed to provide knowledge and experiences for all learners on our courses.

Danny Maxwell

Spectator Safety Programme Manager


  • 34 Years with the Royal Navy

  • Special Police Inspector for Nottinghamshire Police

  • Qualified L2 - L4 NVQ Tutor and Assessor working Mitre Group since 2010

Tim Gant

Spectator Safety Trainer

  • 24 Years with West Midlands Police, 16 Years as Dedicated Football Officer for WM Police and 8 years for the UK Football Policing Unit.

  • Involved in every tournament England have been in from Euro 2000 - Euro 2021,

  • Training all police football officers from 2014 - 2021. 

  • Qualified L4 Safety Officer

Chris Mitchell

Spectator Safety Trainer

  • 15 Years with South Yorkshire Police, serving as Dedicated Football Officer covering Sheffield United and Rotherham United.

  • Currently National Dedicated Football Officer with UK Football Policing Unit.

  • Seconded to the National Unit in London responsible for training of Football Officers in England and Wales.

  • Qualified L4 Safety Officer

Steve Furnham

Spectator Safety Trainer

  • 30 Years service as Police Superintendent with South Wales Police

  • 2 Years as Dedicated Safety Officer at Cardiff City FC

  • Freelance advisor on Venue Safety and Security Operations at UEFA

  • Previously qualified Gold & Silver Police Public Order Commander having undertaken roles in all Major Events in South Wales Police area

  • Lead planner and Police Silver commander for 2017 Champions League Final in Cardiff

  • Qualified L4 Safety Officer

Steve Neill

Spectator Safety Trainer

  • Retired Chief Superintendent for Northumbria Police, completing 30 years' service in 2017 

  • Previous Match Commander for Sunderland AFC and Newcastle United FC. 

  • Previous Silver Commander for Tyne, Wear and Tees Football Derby Operations for 13 years

  • Previous Silver Commander at the Olympic Games and Rugby World Cup within Newcastle. 

  • Ground Commander during the UEFA European Championships in France, 2016

  • Current Safety Officer at Sunderland AFC and UEFA, working on the Europa League and Nations League Finals

Liz Morton-Hall

Spectator Safety Trainer and Assessor

  • Currently Assistant Safety Officer at Sheffield United FC

  • Qualified L4 Spectator Safety Management

  • Qualified NVQ L5 Crowd Safety Management

Matt Clempner

Spectator Safety and Security Trainer and Assessor

  • 30 Years service with Greater Manchester Police including training of Police Officers in OST, writing and running of specialist courses for internal and external departments

  • 9 Years as specialist in safety, health and safety and security training

  • Former Ju Jitsu competitor at Olympic and World Levels, now coach

  • Qualified to deliver and assess at levels 2 - 4 Spectator Safety as well as first aid and emergency aid programmes

Pete Harrold

Spectator Safety Trainer and Assessor

  • Currently serving with Greater Manchester Police

Paul Nield

Spectator Safety Trainer and Assessor

  • Former Police Inspector in Greater Manchester Police

  • Currently employed by Greater Manchester Police as a Senior Police Trainer.

  • Established Mitre Tutor for L2 - L3 Spectator Safety Training

Shaun Morley

Spectator Safety Trainer and Assessor

  • Currently serving as Chief Superintendent for South Yorkshire Police since 1991

Simon Whittle

Spectator Safety Trainer and Assessor

Hazel Clempner

Spectator Safety and Security Trainer and Assessor