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Whether it's for leisure or business, travel is a huge part of day to day life. After all, to travel is simply to move from one location to another, whether that's from home to school or work, or from the UK to abroad for a holiday. The travel industry is made up of all the wider services which cater for the needs of those travelling. Air Traffic Controllers, Bus Drivers, Travel Agents and Tour Consultants, all have a role to play in moving people from one place to another. 

Over 10% of jobs on earth are linked to travel - An enormous amount of opportunities! 


At Mitre, we're taking our love of travel to inspire and educate the next wave of Travel Consultants to join the industry. Their role; to understand the travel needs of a customer or customers and provide them with a trip that best suits their requirements. Budget or luxury? Leisure or business? Beach or city? A Travel Consultants knowledge can help to guide customers decisions to ensure they have the best experience possible. 


Compiled by experts at ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents), BCD Travel, TUI and others, this Apprenticeship Standard is designed to give well rounded knowledge to those starting out in travel, as well as those seeking a good grounding to go on and develop their skills in a breadth of travel industry areas. 

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"The Travel Industry is an awesome place to work - It gives you so many opportunities. Different places, different cultures, different weathers and different foods! If I'd known about this standard when I started out in travel, I'd have jumped at the chance to get a head start in my career by doing this Apprenticeship programme. I'd recommend any employer in the Travel Industry put their staff through this programme!


Now joining Mitre, I can't wait to share my love and knowledge of travel to support others in developing their careers in the industry."

Andy Matthews, Business Development Manager - 8 Years in Travel

Travel Consultant Apprenticeship Modules:

Why train with MITRE 

Interactive group webinars with learners from other organisations

One to One tutorials with our experts

Learn from a network of your peers

Hear from our expert guest speakers

How much does hiring an Apprentice cost?

  • The maximum funding for a Travel Consultant Apprentice is £7,000

  • For non-levy organisations, 95% of training costs are covered by the Government

  • Training costs to be paid total £350.00 per consultant*

*Speak with Mitre about Levy Transfer opportunities. 

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