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Why Mitre?

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Group Calls

Interactive Group Webinars

Learners will have the opportunity to join classroom based webinars with their industry based Tutor on a monthly basis. This environment creates the perfect environment to learn and share thoughts as a group. These sessions are engaging and interactive, where learners are encouraged to cooperate and communicate with each other and their Tutor,  to develop their knowledge during a focussed 3 hour session.

Access to our adventure learning experience

Every October, Apprentices are invited to our home, the fantastic Mount Cook Adventure Centre to take part in 2 days of learning activities. The programme is designed to encourage and enthuse learners to work together to achieve combined learning outcomes. They’ll thrive on the opportunity to network with fellow apprentices from various programmes and organisations. During the course of their time with us they’ll make connections that will support them throughout their journey with Mitre.

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One to one tutorial with our experts

Each month our Industry Based Mentors will meet with Apprentices on a one-to-one basis to support them throughout their programme. They’ll be checking in on their progress and motivation, ensuring they’re on track to achieve that month's goals, clarifying briefs where needed, and ensuring they’re applying their learning to the current position and place of work.

Share ideas & learn from a network of your peers

By learning in groups, learners on Mitre Apprenticeship programmes are encouraged to share their experiences with the other Apprentices’ in their group. They’ll also be given the opportunity to meet Apprentices on the same programme but in different cohorts, to create a unique Mitre alumni experience.

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Engage and learn from our expert guest speakers

Throughout our programmes, expert guest speakers are invited to deliver sessions to our Apprentices; to share their experiences and to provide insight on how they’ve reached their position. It’s an immense opportunity for Apprentices to gain knowledge and ask questions of experts in the field, and ultimately how they can progress on to emulate their journeys and success.

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"I cannot be more complimentary. At the beginning of the course it felt a bit daunting and overwhelming but with Danny's support and guidance my confidence and knowledge grew tremendously."


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