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Ensuring your Safety Team are prepared for an emergency is crucial. Testing out protocols in a controlled environment is a superb way to ensure staff readiness and build their confidence in how to react should it be required.

Being prepared for an emergency, whether that's fire, medical or terror, may save you vital minutes during a crisis with crucial, timely decisions being the difference in ensuring safety and wellbeing of spectators. 

"As stated in the SGSA Green guide Chap 3.15 and 3.21, it’s important for teams managing safety to be prepared. Completing the evacuation simulation exercise is guaranteed to help your team feel more confident in their roles, either by feeling more prepared for an emergency, or more competent when acting proactively during an emergency, rather than simply reacting. I would recommend any venue to contact Mitre to take advantage of the sensational team of experts who’re able to support you and your venue."

​Danny Maxwell, Spectator Safety Manager

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What is an emergency evacuation exercise?

Our ‘Table-Top’ simulation will take your team through a real emergency situation, hour-by-hour, of how an evacuation could unfold, the decisions and actions that would need to be taken, and who should be involved. It’s a trial run where your team is free to make mistakes, discuss why actions must be made, and gain real insight and understanding in a secure and safe environment. 


What's involved in an exercise?

We'll meet with you to discuss a range of scenarios to be used during the assessment, tailoring to your venue's specific requirements.

Our team will review your venue's contingency and emergency plans, providing feedback and incorporating into the Stadium Evacuation Exercise. 

We'll work with you to ensure that all required emergency services and industry personnel are present for the day of your assessment. 

Pre-assessment stadium visit and review with the full delivery
team to run through the final preparations.

Delivery of a full Stadium Evacuation Exercise, to include:*

  • Level 4 Qualified Lead Instructor​

  • Level 4 Safety Officer 

  • Subject Matter Experts 

  • Report Builder 

  • Compilation of a holistic report reviewing your safety response during the exercise, complete with reference to the SGSA Green Guide and with recommendations for improvement(s) if required.​

Post event review meeting to deliver feedback and suggestions for improvement.

*Subject to availability

Costs and How to Book

Contact us to discuss a bespoke quote for your stadium or venue today. Our email address is or call 01773 525406. 

Start talking to our Spectator Safety Training Experts today.

Call us today and speak to a specialist on our safety team, or fill in our enquiry form below!

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