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Level 2 Award for
SIA CCTV Operators 

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The objective of this qualification is to provide learners with the knowledge, skills & understanding to become CCTV Operators.  The qualification covers knowledge such as a further understanding of the  main characteristics of the Private Security Industry as well as an in-depth look into the legal and practical requirements of becoming a CCTV operator. Completing this qualification successfully will allow the learner to apply for their SIA licence.



The Level 2 Award for CCTV Operators is covers key topics including:

Understand the inside workings of the Private Security Industry

Understand and apply safe working practices

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Understand drug-misuse legislation 

Learn more about the purpose of CCTV systems

Learn a range of surveillance techniques

Know how to produce evidential documentation

Know how operate legally and effectively as a CCTV operator

Course Overview

Key Information

What's the Duration?

This qualification is completed across 1 self-study day and 3 face to face training days. Learners who have already achieved the Principles of Working in the Private Security Industry unit will only need to complete 2 days of training. 

What's the Delivery Method?

As a practical award, this qualification is delivered with self-study and face to face training in groups.


How is the qualification Assessed?

In order to achieve the Level 2 CCTV Operators (public space surveillance) qualification, learners are assessed via a Multiple Choice Exam and Practical Assessment methods. 

Do I need any Previous Experience?

No. However, as explained in the duration information, prior achievement of Principles of Working in the Private Security Industry unit will reduce the duration of your course.

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