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Arsenal F.C.

Mitre start delivery of Level 4 Spectator Safety Management training for Arsenal F.C.

An empty Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club
The Emirates Stadium

Mitre has had the privilege of becoming a regular visitor to the Emirates stadium over recent weeks as training for the Level 4 Spectator Safety Management qualification has been underway for Arsenal Football Club.

Our Stadia and Event Safety Training Manager, Danny Maxwell, has begun the face to face delivery of the course, tailoring the approach and content to best suit the requirements and location of the club and its staff.

"Mitre take pride in a flexible delivery to compliment the workload and availability of the learner" explains Danny. "It's how you balance the sheer volume of information whilst doing your full time job that can be the key to success, so we take account of the responsibilities and commitments that you have outside of the course itself when planning our delivery. The more that we can support learners in our delivery, the better the outcomes for their personal and professional development."

This is the first time that Mitre has worked with Arsenal and we are delighted to assist them in preparing for and maintaining a high standard of spectator safety for the season ahead.

Interested in the Level 4 qualification?

For more information on the Level 4 Spectator Safety Management qualification, click here. For more information on the other courses that we offer, or to hear about how we can support your organisation with safety and security training, contact us directly.

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