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SIA Training Exclusively for Safety Officers

We offer exclusive courses for Level 4 Safety Officers to ensure that the training received is aimed at the appropriate level of experience. The SGSA require Safety Officers that are not employed directly by a ground to hold an SIA licence. Mitre are running a special Level 2 Door Supervisor course for Safety Officers to not only help fulfil this requirement, but to provide an opportunity to learn alongside peers and gain further Safety Officer-relevant insight from our expert training team.

Future Proof your work

An essential qualification for a Safety Officer's personal development

What does the course involve?

The main characteristics of the Private Security Industry

The importance of safe working practices

Drug misuse legislation

Issues and procedures relevant to the role of a Door Supervisor

Licensing law

Queue management

How to assess and reduce risk in conflict situations

Problem solving techniques when resolving conflict

Physical interventions and the implications of their use

The use of non-aggressive physical skills to protect yourself and others

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