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Bromley Sibson Managing Director

It’s ultimately my job to ensure our quality of offering and vision is second to none. I’m here to support our fantastic team in delivering outstanding quality of training and education to our clients.


I love nothing more than educating employers about the access they have to government funded apprenticeship programmes and how Mitre's approach to delivery of training is so unique.


Andy Matthews
Business Development Manager

I’m here as part of Mitres mission to help businesses thrive and grow and to share the strength of vision with Brom and the team. I aim to educate and help businesses to understand the benefits of working alongside Mitre to deliver government funded training programmes. I confidently believe our offering is unique. It’s my job to be loud and proud of this.


Judy McConnel
Quality Manager

I am meticulous in my attention to detail and I instil this in every single member of the Mitre team. The work we do has to be fully compliant with government funding requirements, Awarding Bodies and the Education and Skills Funding Agency. I ensure that compliance is not just met but exceeded. 


Martyn Phillips Programme Manager

Once our apprentices are on board, I’m the cog between the employer, learner apprentice and Mitre mentors/tutors. I support employers in their apprentice/s induction, report on their progress, continue our rigorous regime of one to ones with learners: I’m basically the knock on the door man when things are underway! I always have a literal or virtual open door policy!  I am essentially the go between employer, learner and Mitre.


Lesley Turner
Curriculum & HR Manager

I always stay true to my roots in setting a fun and engaging curriculum for our mentors and learners. All courses have to meet the ‘Mitre Gold Standard.’ I instill a cohort/’class of xx’ mentality, so learners are able to benefit from blended learning - a combination of face to face and online shared learning. Quite frankly I think I have the best job in the business!


Danny Maxwel
Event Safety Manager

I have for many years been the go to front man for stadia Spectator Safety programmes at Mitre. 


I have overall responsibility for the development and delivery of our spectator safety programmes, ensuring they meet all regulatory and best practice requirements. 


I work with some of the best clubs and venues in the business, developing Mitre's vision to be the market leading provider of Spectator Safety Training Programmes in the UK.  


Amy Neill 
Programme Coordinator

I deliver on various apprenticeship programmes including; L3 Teaching Assistant, L3 Community Sport and Health Officer and L2 Community Activator Coach. Also I deliver some Adult Education Programmes such as L3 and L4 Education and Training. I enjoy running, lemon drizzle cake and all things food!


Ellie Lee
IAG Officer

I ensure all learners receive up to date information, advice and guidance at all points of their learner journey. I support the enrolment process and the following up of learners to ensure they have moved onto a pathway which they enjoy. Outside of Mitre I enjoy reading, going swimming and spending time with my family.

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Eleanor Hurt
Marketing and Sales Apprentice

I work to keep the website and social media channels up to date, interviewing learners and writing articles, along with the work for my Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship. Outside Mitre I love to take my dog for walks, play music, go to concerts or go swimming!


Emma Shirt 
Quality Coordinator

I am the Quality Coordinator – Awarding Bodies. I liaise with the Awarding Bodies to arrange and prepare for EQA and Quality Visits, I seek qualification approvals from the Awarding Bodies. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my two boys, this normally includes Rugby and Swimming Lessons, but we also live on a farm so it is always busy.


Karen Cox
Finance Officer

I am responsible for the day to day finance operations of Mitre. Providing information to the Mitre Team. Away from Mitre I enjoy travelling, as much as possible, and walking my dog.


Sally Lucas
Associate Engagement Officer

I work with learners in regard to evidence/ID/Coursework and also support other staff with learner information, and anything else they ask me to do! In my spare time I play golf and look after my two young grandchildren.

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