Team Development

Learning to work together


Be more than collaborators, be a team!

Teamwork, team cohesion, team spirit.

Whatever you call it, we all know that it is important for a happy and successful business. 

But in this time of increased digital and reduced personal interactions in our workplaces,

 this simple and yet essential factor to success is at risk.


That is why Mitre are launching our TEAM BOOSTER and TEAM BUILDER events.


 Using over 30 years of training experience, we have designed a series of inclusive

practical and mental strategic tasks that will put your staff members' teamwork to the test.


Set in truly stunning outdoor locations and with Mitre's Team Development Coaches on hand,

your staff will be ready to bring their newly developed teamwork skills back to the workplace following these fun and memorable team training events.

Give them something to do, not something to learn;

and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.

John Dewey 


Team Booster


These Team Development events are ideal for any business, department or project team looking for a quick way to boost their team cohesion and skills.

How does it work?

Enter your team(s) of 4-8 staff

Enjoy the great outdoors over with other business teams 

Compete over 4 hours in practical and strategic challenges 

Test your teamwork with the support of our coaches

Celebrate and reflect on your great experience post event with some food and drinks!

What are the benefits?

Through the variety of challenge involved in our Team Booster events they are an ideal way to help new teams learn each other's strengths and for individuals to find their roles. 

Through shared experience our Team Booster events are a proven way to start building a collective mindset amongst staff from different locations or departments and prevent or remove the 'us vs them' dynamic. 

Through the challenges your staff complete during our Team Booster events, they will develop existing and learn new problem solving and teamwork strategies helping make them adaptable and resilient to change.

These benefits all combine to provide an invaluable improvement to workplace performance and satisfaction for your team members.  

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Team Builder

These Team Development events are tailored to meet your group's specific needs. From launching a new strategy to embedding new staff into your organisation, our experts will work with you to design activities and facilitate reflective practices that achieve your objectives.

180406Mount Cook MD Event_0110_300dpi.jpg

How does it work?

Share your vision with our Team Build designers

Finalise your event details including activities, location, etc. 

Enjoy your personalised Team Builder with the support of our expert team coaches and facilitators

Reflect on your experience as a team to ensure learning is embedded to provide lasting benefits

What are the benefits?

Through the activities you select with our Team Builder designers you'll be able to introduce new ideas or overcome existing team challenges free from the unconscious influence of formal spaces. 

Through the Team Builder experience your team will develop a greater understanding of one another as people, helping them to communicate more effectively with one another as well as helping leaders to better understand how to support and motivate their staff. 

Through the facilitated reflection built in to your Team Builder event, your staff will increase their emotional intelligence helping them to better recognise the unconscious bias and emotions influencing their decision making and team behaviours. 

These are only some of the benefits you can receive from completing Mitre's Team Builder events.  

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